How much do new dentures cost?


Brand new dentures can provide you with a great set of replacement teeth that leave you feeling confident in your smile, your speech and your ability to chew food properly. Depending on the dentures you need, the costs will vary.

How much do new dentures generally cost?

High-quality well-fitting dentures start from £1,295 for full dentures and from £595 for partial dentures. While there are cheaper alternatives with the NHS and some private Clinical Dental Technicians, these are often bulkier, less comfortable and of a lower quality.

What impacts the cost of new dentures?

  • Amount of teeth needed
  • Denture type
  • Denture material quality

How much do new full dentures cost?

At Kevin Manners Denture Clinics, we have a range of options for full dentures to suit different budgets:

Full Suction Dentures – £1,999 to £3,600

Denture technology does not get any better than this – they look like any other type of denture from the outside but create a highly-secure fit when a vacuum is created between the denture and the gum. Get both upper and lower suction dentures for £3,600 or a single set for £1,999.

Diamond Range Full Dentures – £2,500

These dentures use the most advanced techniques and high-quality materials to provide durable and natural-looking dentures. High-strength acrylic teeth provide all the visual benefits of porcelain teeth without the structural weaknesses while gum tinting, contouring and palate colouring help to blend the dentures with your natural mouth.

Platinum Range Full Dentures – £1,795

These dentures maintain a very high-quality with the added benefit of single layer silicone impressions for better fit and comfort in your mouth. Made with acrylic teeth and some lifelike detailing.

Gold Range Full Dentures – £1,295

All of our dentures are made with the highest level of care and attention but our cheapest range utilises less advanced materials and techniques – making a great smile accessible to everyone regardless of budget.

How much do new partial dentures cost?

Partial dentures are perfect for those who still have some natural teeth remaining but want to fill the gaps in their smile. The cost will vary depending on the size of the denture and your preferred material.

Acrylic Partial Dentures – from £595

80% of all partial dentures are acrylic as they are often the most affordable option. They’re also easy to repair and add more teeth to.

Read more about advantages of acrylic dentures.

Chrome Partial Dentures – from £995

Chrome dentures are the only ones that enable the force from chewing to be passed through the roots of your remaining natural teeth and minimise further bone shrinkage in your jaw. Being metal, chrome dentures are also significantly stronger than acrylic dentures.

Not sure if you need new dentures? Read our guide on when to get new dentures or book a free consultation at any of our clinics.

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