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Call now for a FREE consultation
0115 941 7052 Nottingham
01623 549 108 Mansfield
01636 918 656 Newark

Look good, feel great.
Have confidence in your smile

Look good, feel great. Have confidence in your smile

Call 0115 941 7052 to book your appointment with George. Please refer to Public Health England for up to date information on the Coronavirus. Do not attend the Denture Clinic if you have a cough or high temperature. Call 07801 854177 if you require emergency repairs to your dentures.

Types of High Quality Dentures

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Suction Dentures

If you’re a denture wearer who thinks that lower denture stability and suction is impossible, read more here about a revolutionary suction denture technique that is radically changing the way dentures are designed.

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Partial Dentures

Partial dentures should be designed very carefully and not looked upon as just ‘something to fill the gaps’. It’s vitally important that partial dentures help stabilise the surrounding natural teeth and not undermine them.

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Full Dentures

If you’re a complete denture wearer we also promise to give you our extra special care and attention by re-establishing correct facial support with a denture facelift.

Bespoke Denture Service

Kevin Manners Denture Clinics

It’s important to know why we are different and why we achieve such great results

Welcome to Kevin Manners Denture Clinics where we are dedicated to providing our clients with comfortable, functional, natural-looking dentures. George is qualified on two different levels. One, clinically, to carry out all the usual procedures in the mouth for the provision of dentures, both full and partial dentures, including oral examinations of the soft tissues and impression taking. Two, George is also a qualified and vastly experienced dental technician who makes the dentures that he fits in his state of the art dental laboratory based at Mapperley.

How much do our dentures cost?

The cost of dentures can vary significantly and the price you pay will depend in the first instance on the type of dentures you require.  All our dentures start from £595.

Dentures when professionally fitted not only make you look younger, eat well and feel great but are also beneficial to your health. Ill-fitting dentures may cause underlying soft tissue damage if not adjusted, that could eventually lead to more serious complications. Badly fitting partial dentures could also undermine the stability of adjoining and opposing natural teeth.

When dentures fit correctly they function better. Many full denture wearers are of the older generation and there is a significant increase with gastro-intestinal problems associated with this age group, largely due to the inability to chew food properly.

Here at Kevin Manners Denture Clinics we pride ourselves on achieving optimum results for patients with regards to denture cosmetics, comfort, fit and function.

If you’re looking for high quality dentures in Nottinghamshire then don’t just take our word for it, read our patient feedback for yourself to hear from our delighted denture wearing clients. You can also visit our Dentures Gallery to see a selection of before and after pictures of denture wearers.

Kevin Manners Denture Clinics have a wealth of experience in all types of high quality dentures and have been making dentures for over 30 years in the East Midlands, with Denture Clinics in Nottingham city centre, Mansfield and Newark.  Routine and cosmetic dental care, facial aesthetics and dental implant services are carried out at our Nottingham city centre Denture Clinic on Castle Boulevard.

When you attend your free denture consultation at our nearest Denture Clinic our consultation process will be explained to you and a detailed treatment plan, tailored to your specific requirements provided.

Contact us on 0115 941 7052 to arrange your free denture consultation

Our Promise to You

Our reputation is built on exceptional, personalised denture services.

An Uncompromising Personalised Service

Providing bespoke denture services is our passion not just our profession. We will endeavour to provide an uncompromising personal service both during and after your treatment.  Striving to achieve the highest levels of clinical and technical excellence and at all times treating every client with the utmost integrity, empathy and respect. You will always be in full control of the costs of your treatment.

– George Manners Dip CDT RCS Ed