Although you can wear your dentures all the time it is not advised. Leaving your dentures in 24/7 can cause several health issues and can reduce the life of your dentures. It is recommended that you remove your dentures while you sleep to allow the mouth to rest, prevent oral hygiene issues and to prevent faster wear of your dentures. So, what would happen if you left your dentures in 24/7?


Dentures are incredibly durable, however- much like natural teeth- they require regular care or maintenance. In order to maintain the quality, functionality, and aesthetics of your dentures it may be necessary to seek occasional repairs. Different levels of care and maintenance may be required throughout the life of your dentures depending on the severity of the damage or issues they are causing you.


Ensuring your dentures are stored correctly is highly important as this helps prevent damage and can help extend the life of your dentures. There are lots of misconceptions around how you should store your dentures when you are not wearing them. This article goes through the main dos and don’ts of storing your dentures to ensure you have the right advice for your denture care. 


Getting dentures can be a big change and it can have a hugely positive impact on your life. When you are wearing dentures, however, there are several habits that should be avoided to maintain your dentures and their comfortable fit. From managing oral hygiene, to maintaining your normal eating practices- avoiding these habits will support you in your day to day life as a denture wearer.


One of the first steps in extending the life of your dentures is ensuring you choose the right set of dentures. The best dentures for you will depend on your circumstances, including your budget and your preferred material. Different denture types require different levels of maintenance. For example, acrylic dentures are easy to repair and chrome dentures are a stronger denture option.

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