Why do some dentures cost more than others?


At Kevin Manners Denture Clinics, we produce a range of different denture types to suit all budgets.

All of our dentures are created using our usual high level of care and attention, but some dentures require more time-intensive techniques, specialist equipment or more expensive materials.

Here are the most common factors that will impact how much your dentures cost:

1. The number of teeth required

One of the biggest influences on the cost of your denture will be how many teeth you need. Naturally, the more teeth that are needed, the more time and materials are used to create the perfect denture for your mouth.

Partial dentures will range in price depending on if you need a single tooth denture or need to replace a significant number of natural teeth.

The price of dentures will also vary if you need a full upper/lower denture or if you need full dentures for both your upper and lower jaw although occasionally, we can offer discounts to those purchasing both upper and lower dentures.

2. Denture retemtion method

Dentures can attach to your gums via suction, clasps or dental implants – the design and production methods for each of these range in complexity and work needed which can therefore affect the price of your denture. Suction dentures and dental implants provide the greatest level of security but are at the higher end of the price scale.

3. Denture material

We offer dentures in acrylic plastic and chrome metal. While chrome dentures are incredibly strong, the chrome material is more expensive than acrylic which results in a higher-priced denture. As a result, many patients opt for an acrylic denture at a lower cost.

In some dentures, we can also provide a single layer silicone impression which provides better comfort for long-term denture wearers however this is an additional cost for patients to consider.

4. Denture Detailing

Extra details on your dentures like gum colouring and contouring can increase the cost of your dentures. While it is not a functional necessity for dentures, having dentures that seamlessly blend with the rest of your mouth can give you greater confidence when your gums are visible e.g. when speaking, eating or smiling.

Since low self-esteem and confidence is a big driver for many of our patients wanting dentures, lifelike detailing is often requested despite the extra cost.

You can view our full price list for dentures during your free consultation and discuss any questions you have with our dental technician. We can help you explore all your options to find the best solution to replace your natural teeth. Book your free consultation now to get started.

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