New Dentures: Before & After

Wondering how dentures could really help you?

Here are some examples of the real-life cases we’ve dealt with at our denture clinics.

Replacing unnatural, broken dentures

broken dentures

This patient attended their free consultation with a loose and broken denture for her upper jaw. She told us that she hated the way it looked and that it looked unnatural compared to her real teeth on the bottom jaw.

We opted for a complete upper denture with very strong teeth and high impact acrylic to give the denture extra strength for biting against her natural bottom teeth.

Acrylic Denture Replacement For Better Smile

This patient had existing acrylic dentures of a very poor quality. They had worn down easily and did not fit comfortably. To feel more confident in her smile and to have better support when eating and speaking, she decided it was time to upgrade to high-quality dentures.

We created a full set of acrylic dentures that gave her more facial support and a beautiful smile.

Acrylic Partial Denture To Replace Missing Teeth

missing lower teeth
acrylic partial denture

This patient had a gap in her smile that was making her feel self-conscious and less confident.

We created a partial lower acrylic denture to fill the gap at the front. We opted for an acrylic denture as this patient’s budget was relatively small and she was likely to lose more teeth in the future

Updating worn and faded dentures

old worn dentures
new acrylic dentures

This patient did not like how the dentures looked anymore as they had started to wear down and dull in colour. He wanted a “nicer” smile that still maintained a natural look.

We created a brand new set of full acrylic dentures that looked natural and bright for his perfect smile.

‘After’ Dentures

Not everyone is comfortable having a ‘before’ photo taken and we understand that. Here are some photos of patients with their new dentures when they’re feeling much more comfortable with their smile!

new full dentures

This gentleman had lost all of his teeth and had dentures previously. He had lost his only set of dentures during a hospital stay and required new ones urgently to be able to speak and eat normally.

We created a brand new set of upper and lower dentures that he was over the moon with!

immediate dentures

This patient attended with upper natural teeth that she absolutely hated. They were all very wobbly and all needed to be extracted. After a long discussion and going through all the options, we decided to opt for a complete upper immediate denture.

These are made by first taking impressions in the normal way and predicting how we would like the teeth to look, we take the teeth off of the cast in preparation for the teeth being taken out so that the new denture can be fitted just minutes after the teeth have bene taken out.

chrome partial dentures

This patient attended their free consultation with an acrylic denture that covered the roof of her mouth and with teeth that didn’t look natural. She wanted a smile that looked more natural and a denture that didn’t cover the roof of her mouth.

We decided to opt for a partial upper chrome denture to fill the gap the front, 4 teeth missing, and to fill a small gap at the side. We also used metal clasps to hold the denture in place which we managed to make barely visible with clever design

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