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Types of partial dentures

With over 4000 different designs for partial dentures which ones are right for you?

The most important thing to consider when looking for partial dentures is to ensure that your Clinical Dental Technician maintains the health and stability of your remaining, natural supporting teeth.

Patients with their own natural teeth, requiring a single tooth or partial dentures, need a treatment plan made in conjunction with a dentist. We can help you with this process, meaning you don’t have to visit your own dentist.  All these services can be provided under the one roof at our Nottingham clinic.

3 Main Partial Denture Types

During chewing the force exerted should ideally be passed through the roots of your remaining natural teeth and not the “empty” saddle areas as this would cause further bone shrinkage. Only one design enables this to occur fully and this is a chrome partial denture.

Chrome Partial Denture Advantages Disadvantages
Chrome, metal (choice of tooth) As above. Also, there is minimal tongue interference, especially on lower dentures.  Very strong. Metal clasps can sometimes be visible.  Can be expensive.
Valplast Flexible Denture Advantages Disadvantages
Valplast, flexible (choice of tooth) Very comfortable and very popular. Thin, lightweight and very strong. No clasps. Awkward to repair and make alterations to. Can be expensive.
Acrylic Partials Advantages Disadvantages
Normal acrylic, rigid (choice of tooth)

(80% of all partial dentures are of this type)

Easy to repair and add more teeth to. Clasps can be added if required.  Affordable. Can offer insufficient support to other natural teeth. Can be slightly bulky (depending on the design). Can go loose after a short period of time and not easy to tighten.

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Our Nottingham clinic also offers routine, cosmetic and preventative dentistry with our own in-house dentist for those with natural teeth. We also have an excellent referral system for people wanting dental implants.

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I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the new dentures. Thank you so much for all the help and determination.

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Just to say the lower dentures you made for me recently are great.  The first time in years I have been able to wear a lower denture all day and eat any type of food I like.  Thank you for your excellent work.

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