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How much do dentures cost?

The most important things to consider when having new dentures are fit, function, cosmetics and comfort. Each of these four disciplines involves different levels of clinical and technical skill, expertise and experience, also different quality materials and time input influence costs. This is why denture costs vary so much and why some of our false teeth options are more expensive than others.

  • Full Dentures – Both upper & lower dentures £995, £1295, £1795, £2500
  • Partial Dentures – From £595 to £1795
  • Suction Dentures – £2500 (limited time only)
Full Dentures – Both upper & lower dentures £995, £1295, £1795, £2500

False teeth that are more than 5 years old are not providing you with adequate facial support.  Take advantage of the latest denture manufacturing techniques available at Kevin Manners Denture Clinics to not only look younger but also eat well again.


Partial Dentures – From £595 to £1795

Partial dentures are perfect for filling the gaps in missing teeth.  Your remaining natural teeth need to be able to support the new partial denture. You must first be seen or referred by a dentist before treatment can begin.


Suction Dentures – £2500 (limited time only)

Careful clinical assessment is required to assess your suitability for suction dentures and results cannot be guaranteed.


Request a FREE denture consultation

We will discuss your tooth setting and appearance options.  Often patients who have lost their natural teeth some time ago can be reminded of a particular characteristic by seeing a few different teeth setting examples, as pictured.  For example, crossed or twisted teeth and more natural settings.

Bring a photo taken when you had your own teeth

We can then match the shape, style and position of your natural smile. All dentures are crafted in-house by clinical dental technicians at clinics in Nottingham, Newark, Mapperley and Radcliffe on Trent.

Our complete dentures price range

A full description and written explanation are available upon consultation. Request your first, no-obligation denture consultation (below) and we will undertake a detailed evaluation, enabling us to create a treatment plan just for you.

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I’ve never had dentures that look so good, fit well and feel so comfortable.  They are just fabulous!  Thanks to the care and expertise given at the Kevin Manners Denture Clinic.

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Tooth Settings and Appearance Options

Tooth Settings

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