Advantages of acrylic dentures


Acrylic dentures are made using a plastic that is easy to mould but sets very rigidly which makes them a popular choice for many denture wearers (approximately 80% of all partial dentures are made using this material).

The main advantages of acrylic dentures are:

Let’s look at these advantages in more detail.

Easy to repair

Denture wear and tear happens just like with anything you use every day. If your dentures crack or chip it can be dangerous to keep wearing them so you should seek a repair as soon as you can. Our Clinical Denture Technician can easily fix any cracks or breakages by flowing new acrylic into the crack.

Easy to add more teeth to

Because of the highly mouldable nature of acrylic materials, new teeth can be attached in a similar way as when repairing them. This makes acrylic dentures particularly popular for those who need partial dentures but may lose more teeth in the future. This saves you from needing a whole new denture every time you lose a tooth.

Can add clasps for extra support

Acrylic dentures don’t need to use clasps to attach to the mouth however some patients feel more comfortable and stable when these are included. Since acrylic dentures are so easy to alter, clasps can be quickly and easily added to provide you with extra support that can leave you feeling more comfortable and confident when wearing your dentures.

Affordable option

Our acrylic partial dentures start from £595, which is nearly half the price of our chrome dentures starting from £995. This makes acrylic dentures a much more affordable option, especially for denture wearers who still have teeth to lose and who may need adjustments to their dentures in the future.

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