What to expect with new dentures


When you get new dentures, they may feel unusual when eating or speaking for a short time while you get used to wearing them. New dentures may also feel uncomfortable during this period which should usually last no more than a month.

However, your new dentures should not cause enough pain that you cannot eat or speak.

If you are experiencing extreme discomfort or if your dentures hurt for more than a few weeks, here’s what you need to do:

Book an appointment with us

The first thing you should do if your dentures are causing pain is book an appointment with your clinician to have the sore spot identified and adjusted, and don’t worry, there is no extra cost for these appointments, we endeavour to make your dentures as comfortable as possible, whatever it takes.

Make sure you look after your oral hygiene

Painful sores can be caused by bacteria in your mouth. Make sure you clean your mouth properly when you remove your dentures to eradicate harmful bacteria. Use a soft toothbrush to clean your gums, cheeks, tongue and roof of your mouth.

Practice proper denture maintenance

Just like the rest of your mouth, bacteria can build up on your dentures which can lead to oral diseases and infections. By cleaning your dentures properly, you can remove this bacteria and prevent this from developing.

The general rule for cleaning is brush, soak and brush again and it’s recommended that this is always done over a bowl/sink of water or over a folded towel – just in case you happen to drop them. Or, even better, use our recommended dentures cleaning solution.

As we’ve mentioned, it’s perfectly normal for your new dentures to feel strange while you adjust to wearing them. Here are some tips for eating and speaking with your new dentures in the first few weeks:

Eating with new dentures

  • Eat soft foods
  • Eat small pieces of food
  • Sucking sweets can often be a very good way to adapt to your new dentures.

If your new dentures are hurting or you’re thinking of getting new dentures, feel free to book a free denture consultation with us.

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