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We all know the recommended advice of brushing your teeth twice a day and why it’s so important right? But what about some advice on the care and cleaning of dentures ?

It’s just as important to regularly and thoroughly clean your dentures, as it is to clean your natural teeth

Bacteria and diseases still readily develop in the mouth of denture wearers regardless of whether natural teeth are present or not, so it’s important that the dentures are removed and cleaned at least once per day.

Your dentures should be cared for and maintained as if they are your natural teeth.  You should keep them as clean as possible to reduce the chances of bacterial and fungal infection, gum disease or excess plaque build up.

Along with cleaning the denture, it’s also important to clean any remaining teeth in the mouth, along with the soft tissues (gums, tongue etc) too as these also harbour bacteria and need to be cleaned regularly.

How should I clean my dentures?

The general rule for cleaning is brush, soak and brush again and it’s recommended that this is always done over a bowl/sink of water or over a folded towel – just in case you happen to drop them.

Upon completion of your new dentures, here at Kevin Manners Denture Clinics in Nottingham, Mansfield and Newark we send you away with our favourite (and most popular among patients) denture cleaner. ‘Renew’ denture cleaner can be posted out to you too.  One bottle lasts for between 6-9 months and costs just £20.  We’ll also give you all the advice needed on how and when to clean your dentures.

What if my denture has a soft lining or chrome?

Some dentures have a soft lining added for comfort or other reasons, likewise with chrome dentures but it is still important to clean them thoroughly. It’s always best to check carefully if your chosen denture cleaner can be used on soft linings.  The cleaner that we recommend (and can provide) can be used on soft lined dentures as well as regular dentures and those with metal or chrome elements.

Advice for the care and cleaning of dentures

What NOT to do:

  • Avoid any cleaners that contain bleaching agents.  This will not only deteriorate the appearance of your denture, it will also make the denture brittle and more prone to a break.
  • Don’t use a hard bristle toothbrush (a standard one is perfect).
  • Don’t scrub too hard (with whichever brush you’re using).  It can cause grooves in the surface of the denture over time.

If you have any queries about denture hygiene or feel like you need a little bit of extra advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0115 941 7052.

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