Do I need a single tooth denture immediately or should I wait until I lose more teeth?


If you’ve started to lose teeth you may be considering dentures but we understand that it can be a significant investment to make, especially if you only need to replace one tooth right now. Single tooth dentures are a great place to start but some people are keen to wait until they have lost more teeth until they invest in a full or partial denture.

Why are single tooth dentures so important?

Improve chewing

All of your teeth play an important part in chewing your food and aiding proper digestion. While you can chew with fewer teeth for a short time by chewing for longer or eating softer foods, you should look to replace a lost tooth as soon as possible so that you can continue to eat as you would naturally.

Reduce pain

When you lose a tooth, the pressure it would normally be put under when chewing will have to be picked up by the surrounding teeth. This adds more pressure to these teeth than they are used to which can lead to pain and discomfort even when you’re not using them.

Prevent tooth movement

If you continue to eat and speak for a prolonged period after losing a tooth, your remaining teeth will tilt, rotate and shift to make up for the gap left behind.

Should I get a partial denture for a single tooth?

Yes. You should consider partial dentures as soon as you start to lose teeth to prevent problems with your oral health and to reduce discomfort.

Will I need a brand new denture when I lose more teeth?

Not always. With many of the single tooth dentures we make at Kevin Manners Denture Clinics, more teeth can often be added to your existing denture plate – providing the fit and look of them is still right for you. This is often a massive relief for those who are concerned about the cost of buying brand new dentures every time they lose a tooth.

Your teeth are more important than you often realise – they give you a beautiful smile, ensure you can eat properly and help you speak clearly and confidently. Everyone deserves a full set of teeth – even if you’re only missing one, we’re here to help.

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