How to tell if your denture fit isn’t right


We recommend that you get new dentures at least every 5 years but if your dentures don’t fit right you should get them changed much sooner to avoid long-term problems with your gums and oral health.

Signs you need to replace your dentures

Dentures feel loose or move around

When you lose your natural teeth, your body’s response is to reduce the bone that once held the tooth in place (called bone resorption). This means that the fit of your denture will become loose over time causing them to move or make a clacking sound while chewing. When they fit properly, dentures should feel secure in your mouth allowing you to eat and speak confidently.

Sores, swelling, or redness in your mouth

Loose or ill-fitted dentures rub against your mouth and gums causing swelling and redness. The prolonged friction from rubbing can lead to sores developing, making it painful even when you’re not wearing your dentures!

Oral infections

Without a tight seal between the dentures and gums, food and bacteria can get into the gap causing infections. If you’re experiencing frequent oral infections, it could be down to the fit of your denture. You should have a regular dental check-up with your dentures to ensure you are maintaining good oral health.

It’s uncomfortable to chew

Chewing with poorly-fitting dentures can be very uncomfortable since your gums will need to work harder and endure more pressure to break down your food. Well-fitted dentures (after a few weeks of getting used to them) should feel like an extension of your natural mouth with no effort needed to complete regular tasks like chewing and speaking.

Dentures break during normal use

Poor-fitting dentures (often caused by bone resorption) can lead to breakages since pressure from chewing and speaking is not distributed evenly throughout your mouth.

A change in the fit of your dentures over time is normal and to be expected. You may need to get new dentures or, in many cases, simply have your dentures relined. We recommend that you come to see us at any one of our denture clinics in Nottingham, Newark and Mansfield for a free denture consultation to assess your options and decide where to go next.

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