4 reasons you need a regular dental check up with dentures


Even when you have replaced your natural teeth with full or partial dentures, you will still need to have a professional dental check-up for similar reasons to when you had your natural teeth. Checkups are an essential part of ensuring your mouth stays healthy and can prevent small issues from become bigger.

You should schedule a check-up for your dentures and overall dental health at least once a year although smokers and alcohol drinkers should consider more frequent checkups.

Here are 4 reasons you should have regular dental checkups when you wear dentures.

1. Check fit of dentures

It is normal for the fit of your dentures to change over time as the bone mass in your mouth reduces and changes the shape of your gums. This can cause dentures to feel loose or uncomfortable and even lead to sores and painful friction in the future so the sooner you spot this the better.

2. Check dentures for damage

Dentures go through arguably more wear and tear than natural teeth since they are exposed to more risks when you take them out of your mouth. Chips and cracks that are left undealt with can lead to injuries in your mouth or a bigger break. By having a professional thoroughly check the dentures for damages, you can be sure they support you in your day to day life without any problems.

The teeth on your dentures may also become worn or discoloured over time so it can be wise to discuss this during your check-up to decide on whether you need to repair your dentures.

3. Check for cancer, infections and sores

Your mouth is made up of more than your teeth! During a dental check-up, we will also be checking your gums, bone, tongue, cheeks, and lips for signs of cancer, infections or sores. Again, the sooner these are spotted the sooner they can be treated which can massively reduce your pain and discomfort in the future.

4. Maintain oral hygiene

Your oral hygiene is important to keep up your physical health, prolong the life of your dentures, reduce infections and sores and maintain a beautiful smile. Regular dental checkups keep you accountable making you more likely to stick to a healthy routine and give us the chance to advise you on ways to improve your oral hygiene or denture care.

You can book a dental check-up with our Clinical Dental Technician or our in-house dentist if you do not have a preferred dentist of your own.

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