When to seek emergency denture repair


Depending on why you need a denture repair, you may be able to wait a few days for an appointment or use a denture repair kit to temporarily fix your dentures until you can visit a professional.

However, there are some occasions where you will need to seek an emergency denture repair so that you can continue to use your dentures as soon as possible.

If dentures break while is use

If your dentures break while you’re using them for eating or biting, you should seek a repair immediately. While some wear and tear on your dentures is normal, a breakage while in your mouth is not. This is usually a sign that the fit of your dentures is not right meaning that a larger adjustment or new dentures are needed.

If dentures completely fracture

When dentures split in half or a piece completely fractures from the rest of it, you should seek emergency repair immediately. While fractures never occur at a convenient time, using a denture repair kit can often cause more problems since slight misalignments or incorrect fixes lead to sores and further damage to your mouth.

If a tooth breaks or detaches from the denture

If you continue to use your dentures with a damaged or missing tooth, you can cause more severe breakages and sores in your mouth since the pressure from chewing will be uneven. Rather than risk this, seek an emergency denture repair.

Many denture repair kits claim to fix cracks in teeth but this is highly misleading. Cracks in teeth can only be fully repaired using professional equipment, denture repair kits should only serve as a temporary measure.

If your denture repair kit isn’t ‘safe for dental work’

As we’ve mentioned, denture repair kits can offer a temporary solution until you’re able to book a professional repair. But not all denture repair kits are safe to use on dentures that you are going to keep using in your mouth. Check that your repair kit says “safe for dental work” – if you don’t have one you should get an emergency repair from your dental technician so that you can continue to use your dentures as needed.

DO NOT use homemade denture repair kits or hacks from the internet that use household materials. These can cause serious damage to your mouth and dentures in the long term. You should only ever follow advice from your dentist or dental technician.

It can be embarrassing and scary when your dentures break but try not to panic.

If you’re unsure whether you need an emergency repair or whether you can wait for a regular appointment, please do not hesitate to call our emergency line on 07801 854177. We will happily advise you on the best next step.

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