When and why should I replace my dentures?


There comes a time for every denture wearer when dentures really don’t fit like they used to or you may just feel that you are due a new set of dentures (for one reason or another).

This could be because you’re no longer happy with the fit of your dentures, how they look or how they feel or maybe for all of the above reasons?

There is no definitive answer for when to have new dentures.  For example, if you had a new set of dentures two years ago, you may have decided you now want to have a different look, such as whiter, brighter teeth.  In these circumstances, it is entirely down to personal preference on when to have a new set of dentures.

However, as a general rule you should be looking to replace your dentures after five years. There are exceptions to this rule though, and as previously stated you could be the exception.

This is why regular dental check-ups are so important to evaluate your dentures and your general oral health.

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Some signs it’s time to consider replacing your dentures

  • Wear and tear on the back teeth, which makes chewing food more difficult.

It’s important to have well fitting, comfortable dentures, as they drastically help with the effectiveness of chewing food.

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  • Wear and tear on the front teeth which will make the dentures appear false due to them being flat.
  • You might also want to think about replacing your dentures if you’re experiencing repeated breakages.

In short, when you lose your teeth, it is your body’s natural response to lose the bone that once held the tooth in place so another factor to consider is the natural occurrence of bone resorption (which is better described as bone loss).

This means the fit of your denture will become less and less accurate over time. And due to this, something you may experience with older dentures is regular breakages – as a result of the poor fit – which can become very costly to repair over time.

Why?  Because once a denture has broken, it will subsequently be much weaker than it was before. If a denture is breaking regularly, it is likely to be caused by an underlying issue such as a poor fit. This issue will not be solved simply by continually repairing the denture and can often only be helped by replacing the denture all together.

In some cases a “reline” will fix this problem. Please give us a call on 0115 941 7052 if you wish to discuss this option further.

As mentioned before, generally speaking a good time frame for replacing dentures is five years for any denture wearer (whether you have a partial denture or a full set).

For those reading this article who still have some of their natural teeth remaining, one factor that may contribute to the necessity for a new denture is the loss of one or more of your own natural teeth. Very often, the most effective way to rectify this is to have a completely new, re-designed denture, particularly for those who wear chrome dentures.

However, we understand that sometimes a missing tooth can leave a very unsightly gap in you mouth. In this instance, a false tooth is a fantastic solution and can often be done instead of having a completely new denture, saving time and cost.  Please bear in mind however, that this may not be the best long-term solution.

To discuss the various options available, and much more, please give us a call on 0115 941 7052 to request your free denture consultation.

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