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Denture Face lift

Look younger with correctly fitted modern dentures

Dentures over five years old or indeed those made incorrectly in the first place often offer inadequate facial support. Worn or incorrectly made dentures often allow the lower jaw to travel too far when closing the back teeth, which can sometimes give wearers that the classic ‘witchy’ look. This is because the lower jaw is an ‘L’ shaped bone which pivots from up near the ear. It has no choice but to protrude on closing too far. Combine this with the classic unsupported upper lip and there you have it…a 60 year old looking 70! We see it all the time in our clinics.

Denture Face lift techniques can be introduced for the denture wearer which illuminate most or all of this unwanted effect. The 3 dimensional denture is a must for anyone who cares about how they look. When you consider that a well made set of dentures can last 10 years (with maintenance) the investment in yourself has to be worth while.

To quote a famous line in cosmetic advertising ‘You’re worth it’. We also can provide 'soft comfort dentures' for ultimate lower denture comfort.

Comparison of typical mass produced dentures (left)
with 3 dimensional dentures (right)

Registered Clinical Dental Technicians (CDTs) are legally qualified to give oral examinations to check the mouth is in a healthy state and to take impressions of the edentulous mouth (no teeth) enabling the production of high quality dentures. Patients with natural teeth requiring dentures need a treatment plan made in conjunction with a dentist. We can help with this process meaning you don't have to visit your own dentist as we can provide all these services under the one roof.

Our Nottingham clinic also offers routine, cosmetic and preventative dentistry with our own in-house dentist for those with natural teeth. We also have an excellent referral system for those wanting Dental Implants.

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