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Denture Aftercare Advice

Getting used to your new dentures and the best ways to care for them

Learning to wear new dentures successfully take practice. Full lower dentures will nearly always feel loose to begin with. Here are a few tips to make things easier.

Your initial adjustment period:

  • Leave your dentures in for the first 24hrs
  • Feelings of fullness and increase salivation will decrease with time
  • Sucking a sweet may help the mouth to accept the new denture sooner
  • Expect sore spots to develop during this initial period

Eating with your new dentures

  • New dentures are often 'built up' which slightly reduces the amount of chewing space available between top and bottom teeth so put smaller pieces of food into begin with
  • Biting foods with the front teeth requires skill and may dislodge dentures at first
  • Avoid sticky foods whenever possible
  • Eating with dentures will never be as efficient as eating with natural teeth

Talking with new dentures

  • Adjusting takes time, be patient
  • Some oral and facial muscles will need to be re-educated thus helping stablise the new denture/s.
  • The feeling of 'fullness' and 'crowing' will reduce with time

Do's and Don'ts

  • Do leave your dentures in for the first 24hr hours
  • Don't persevere with sore spots or ulcers, call us at the clinic and arrange to come in for an adjustment
  • Don't leave your dentures in at night while you sleep. Why? because some small partials and lower dentures are possible to swallow!
  • The underlying soft oral tissues also need a 'rest'
  • However, if you do choose to wear dentures at night, be sure to brush your gums and tongue twice a day. An appointment is always needed for an adjustment, so please telephone us before to make a booking
  • You will need to bring in your old dentures and any plaster models you may have been given.

Cleaning your mouth and your dentures

  • Cleanse and massage your dentures and gums daily with a soft toothbrush
  • Clean your dentures either by using a toothbrush or with a 'denture cream' or normal toothpaste
  • Steradents 3 minute cleaner or our professional ultrasound ' SonicBrite' system (highly recommended and costs just £40)

If you do feel at anytime you would like us to check you over, please just give us a call.

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