Replacing missing teeth with partial dentures


Have you been thinking about replacing missing teeth as you’re starting to struggle more with eating as time goes on?  Or maybe you’ve lost a few natural teeth and aren’t happy with your smile anymore?

At Kevin Manners Denture Clinics we want to help you regain your smile confidence and restore the ease of eating with high quality, complete or partial dentures.

Replacing missing teeth with partial dentures

It’s commonly thought that dentures are only for those with no teeth at all but that most certainly isn’t the case.

Although many denture wearers have no natural teeth remaining – not all are this way.  When only some of the natural teeth are missing it’s likely that you will benefit by replacing missing teeth with a partial denture.

Before and after importance of replacing missing teeth

Partial dentures are a great option for those who want both a better cosmetic appearance and also for more effective function too.

A partial denture is suitable for anyone with anything from a single tooth missing to only one natural tooth remaining.  They not only provide a better cosmetic appearance of your smile but play an important role in preserving the health of your natural teeth and the general health of your mouth.

Partial dentures are important for more than just appearance.  They make the chewing and digestion of food much easier.  I think we would all agree that a full set of teeth would make chewing food a lot easier wouldn’t we?

Along with the cosmetic and digestive benefits – a partial denture also aids the longevity of bone density.

The jaw bones are constantly receiving signals from the contact between teeth presented with chewing and talking.  These signals tell them that they need to keep growing and rebuilding to maintain their strength and structure.  When teeth are lost the jaw bone no longer receives these signals meaning that over time bone density decreases.

The jaw bone is so important when it comes to the fit of dentures (along with facial support) – hence why we want to preserve this bone for as long as possible.

Have you lost a few natural teeth but are unsure what to do next?

There are many different ways that a partial denture can be made and many materials that can be used to do so.  We understand that it can be hard to know what’s best for you to do so call us today on 0115 941 7052 to schedule a free consultation with Kevin Manners to discuss your options.

Please Note:  Patients with their own natural teeth, requiring a single tooth or partial dentures, need a treatment plan made in conjunction with a dentist. We can help you with this process, meaning you don’t have to visit your own dentist.  All these services can be provided under the one roof at our Nottingham clinic.

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