What are the best dentures for me?


If you’re considering dentures but are not sure which ones are right for you, take a look at our advice below to help you find the best dentures for your circumstances.

Best affordable dentures

Our acrylic partial dentures start from £595 (which is nearly half the price of our chrome dentures starting from £995) This makes acrylic dentures the best affordable option, especially for denture wearers who still have teeth to lose and who may need adjustments to their dentures in the future.

Best comfortable dentures

Chrome dentures are often considered by wearers as a slightly more comfortable denture. This is because chrome is stronger than other materials such as acrylic and therefore uses less material to make the final denture. The end result is a slightly less bulky denture for the wearer.

However, we will test any denture we make for you to ensure you get a strong and comfortable fit.

Best ‘invisible’ dentures

One of the big benefits of high-end acrylic dentures is that they can be coloured to match the shading of your natural gums, reducing the likelihood of anyone noticing you’ve got dentures. While we do our best to make other dentures as discreet as possible, those with metal clasps or plates may be visible when speaking.

Best dentures for those with teeth remaining

Partial dentures are a denture with one or more false teeth that are used to fill in gaps around the remaining teeth in your mouth. Partial dentures are both cosmetic and functional, enabling to speak and chew properly. You can choose to have partial dentures made of chrome or acrylic depending on your preference – around 80% of the partial dentures we make are acrylic.

Best dentures for a secure fit

Implant Retained Dentures are highly durable, natural-looking and well secured by titanium screws placed into the jaw bone. Please not that they are not the best denture for everyone. You must consult a dentist who will assess your oral health and the density of your jawbone before confirming if you are suitable for dental implants.

Best secure dentures without implants

Suction dentures are the best type of dentures for those who want a secure and comfortable fit but who are not suitable for implant retained dentures. They look like any other type of denture from the outside and when a vacuum is created between the denture and the gum.

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