What are the different types of dentures I can have?


There are many different types of dentures available to you.  Here at Kevin Manners Denture Clinics in Nottingham we use varied materials, styles and concepts to ensure that we provide you with the best suited denture for your needs.

Different types of dentures available

We work with denture wearers to find the best suited removable appliance for each patient.

These removable dentures are there to replace missing teeth, as you would expect, and can come in the form of partial dentures, perfect for replacing some missing natural teeth, and full dentures for replacing full sets of missing natural teeth. Partial dentures will always be made in conjunction with a dentist.

Denture material types

Complete dentures are often made of acrylic (a type of plastic specifically designed for dentures).  However they can also have metal elements incorporated into them if necessary.

Partial dentures, can also be made from a combination of acrylic and metal. The metal aspects are lightweight, thin and most of all, well fitting so will often be more secure.

Another material that can be used is a semi-flexible “plastic”. This is often used for minimal dentures consisting of 1 or 2 teeth. This material allows a secure, well fitting denture to be made with minimal palate and visibility.

What can I expect at my denture appointments?

We offer a free initial consultation for all cases.  At this appointment you will have the opportunity to chat with Kevin our Clinical Dental Technician (CDT), ask any questions and hear his professional opinion on the best treatment plan for you.

From there on at your following appointments, Kevin will take impressions of your mouth using a putty-like material. These are then used to create models that the denture will be designed on.

The next stage is where we record the position of your upper and lower jaws in relation to each other.  This is done by using wax blocks made for your mouth which allow a perfect record to be taken. We also decide on the colour, shape and quality of the denture tooth required here.

A trial denture is then made and you are able to try this on, have a look at everything and even take it home to show friends and family for a second opinion.

Everything at this stage is completely changeable and any adjustments can be made to make sure you are 100% happy with your new smile.

The final stage is the fitting of your new dentures.

What are the benefits of dentures?

  • Dentures can improve the way you look, bite, chew and speak.
  • Everything is custom made so we are able to create a very natural looking appliance for you.
  • The remaining natural teeth, without the support from a denture, may move or tilt which leads to further issues (such as not being able to bite or chew properly).
  • There are options for all people and dentures can even be fitted directly after a tooth has been extracted.

Dentures will never feel like your real teeth and can take some time to get used to if you have never worn them before.  Our staff will take the time to go over all aftercare advice with you and what to expect with your new dentures.

Kevin will always explain the benefits and difficulties with having dentures, as well as how you should look after them and the natural teeth you have left.

Call us on 0115 941 7052 or get in touch with one of our denture clinics if you have any questions about the services we offer and how dentures can work for you.

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