The difference before and after dentures


If you’re wondering “how much difference do dentures really make?” the answer is ‘a lot’. Here are some of the most common problems our patients had before they had dentures and how our dentures have helped them.

Difficulties eating & speaking

new full dentures

Before dentures

When you lose teeth, it can be difficult to chew and speak as easily as before. This gentleman had lost all of his teeth and had lost his only set of dentures during a hospital stay. He required new ones urgently to be able to speak and eat normally.

After dentures

We created a brand new set of upper and lower dentures that he was over the moon with meaning he could now eat and speak without any issues or worries.

Confidence when smiling

broken dentures

Before dentures

Losing teeth can make you lose confidence in your appearance – especially when your teeth are exposed speaking or smiling. Many people who invest in cheaper lower-quality dentures also complain about their appearance over time as these dentures break, wear down easily and lose their colouring. One patient told us that she hated the way her dentures from another clinic looked and that they looked unnatural compared to her real teeth on the bottom jaw.

After dentures

High-quality dentures are the ideal way to complete your smile and help you feel more confident in your appearance. Additional detailing and gum contouring increases how realistic they look so nobody would ever know they weren’t your natural teeth!

Changes in face shape

before and after with a white pole in the middle of the image

Before dentures

Dentures over five years old or indeed those made incorrectly in the first place often offer inadequate facial support. Worn or incorrectly made dentures often allow the lower jaw to travel too far when closing the back teeth, which can sometimes give full denture wearers that classic ‘witchy’ look.

After dentures

The latest denture facelift techniques can be introduced for the full denture wearer to eliminate most or all of this unwanted effect. The 3-dimensional facelift denture is a must for anyone who cares about how they look.

Not sure if you need new dentures? Read our guide on when to get new dentures or book a free consultation at any of our clinics.

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