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Choosing the Right Denture Material for Your Lifestyle 

Gone are the days of clunky and unrealistic dentures from our grandparents’ era

Thanks to advancements in technology and materials, dentures offer a new level of comfort and realism. Today, denture wearers have an array of options to choose from, each tailored to provide a comfortable fit and a natural appearance.  

In this blog, we’ll explore denture materials, and which ones are best suited for your needs.  

Join us as we discuss modern dentures, uncovering the materials that patients can choose from, so they can have a confident and comfortable smile. 

Acrylic dentures 

Acrylic dentures, crafted from acrylic resin are a common choice for those in need of tooth replacement. They are available for both full and partial tooth loss and offer practicality and customisation potential to suit various needs! 

Advantages of acrylic dentures 

  • Often more budget-friendly compared to other materials 
  • They can be easily adjusted for a comfortable fit 
  • Suitable for full and partial dentures 
  • Easily repaired if damaged 
  • More teeth can be added later if needed 
  • Suitable option for those with bone loss 

Disadvantages of acrylic dentures 

  • May crack or break easily if dropped or mishandled 
  • May need replacement more frequently than other materials 
  • Tend to be thicker, which may feel less natural in the mouth 
  • More prone to bacterial issues due to micro-scratches  

Who are acrylic dentures suitable for? 

  • Individuals with a limited budget 
  • Those who require a temporary solution before considering more permanent options 

Porcelain dentures 

Porcelain dentures are made from high-quality porcelain, giving them a natural look and lasting strength. Whether you’re missing a few teeth or a full set, porcelain dentures provide a seamless fit and a polished appearance that blends well with your natural teeth and gums. 

Advantages of porcelain dentures 

  • Closely resembles natural teeth in colour and texture 
  • Less prone to staining compared to other materials 
  • Durable and can withstand wear over time 
  • Are easier to clean than most denture types 

Disadvantages of porcelain dentures 

  • Prone to breakage if dropped 
  • May feel bulkier in the mouth compared to other materials 
  • Typically more costly than acrylic alternatives 
  • Tend to put more pressure on the gums so not suitable for those with bone loss 

Who are porcelain dentures suitable for? 

  • Individuals seeking a natural-looking smile 
  • Those willing to invest in a durable, long-term solution 
  • Those who are regularly interacting with people or speaking in public, and want a natural smile 

Metal dentures 

Metal dentures are another option for replacing missing teeth. They’re made from strong metal alloys like cobalt-chromium, offering durability and support. These dentures are thinner and more discreet than some other types, providing a comfortable fit and extra stability for your remaining natural teeth. While some people may have metal allergies, metal dentures are a reliable choice for those who prioritise strength and longevity. 

Advantages of metal dentures 

  • Offer exceptional strength and longevity 
  • Thin design allows for a more streamlined fit in the mouth 
  • Can provide additional support for natural teeth, reducing the risk of further tooth loss 
  • Can be created in a quick time frame 
  • Can be adjusted and repaired easily and quickly 

Disadvantages of metal dentures 

  • Some individuals may have sensitivities to metal materials 
  • May feel heavier in the mouth compared to other options 
  • Tend to be more expensive due to the materials and fabrication process 
  • Clasps can sometimes be visible 

Who are metal dentures suitable for? 

  • Patients require partial dentures with additional strength and stability 
  • Those with specific aesthetic preferences or concerns about denture bulkiness 
  • Those who play sports and require oral strength 

Valplast flexible dentures 

Valplast dentures are made from a lightweight nylon material, offering comfort and adaptability. They are thin and translucent, providing a natural look that blends well with your gums. While they may not be as strong as some other options, they’re one of the best false teeth options for individuals seeking a more comfortable and discreet denture solution. 

Advantages of Valplast dentures 

  • Valplast dentures are made from a flexible nylon material, offering a comfortable fit and natural feel. 
  • Are lighter than traditional dentures, reducing strain on the gums 
  • Suitable for individuals with allergies to acrylic or metal 
  • Require little-to-no tooth preparation prior to fabrication 

Disadvantages of Valplast dentures 

  • Are challenging to repair if damaged 
  • May not be suitable for individuals with a strong bite or significant chewing force 
  • May be more expensive than acrylic options 
  • May have a limited life expectancy compared to other denture materials 

Who are Valplast dentures suitable for 

  • Individuals with active lifestyles who require flexibility and durability 
  • Those seeking a comfortable, lightweight alternative to traditional dentures 

What is the best false teeth material option for me? 

The best false teeth material for you depends on various factors, each catering to the different needs and preferences of each patient. 

If comfort is your top priority, Valplast dentures made from flexible nylon offer a lightweight and adaptable option that feels natural in the mouth. On the other hand, if durability and strength are essential, metal dentures crafted from alloys like cobalt-chromium provide unparalleled support and longevity, making them ideal for individuals with extensive tooth loss or specific oral conditions. 

Porcelain dentures offer a natural appearance and stain-resistant properties, making them suitable for those seeking a seamless blend with their natural teeth and gums.  

Ultimately, the best denture material for you depends on your unique needs, lifestyle, and oral health requirements.  

The best false teeth at Kevin Manners Denture Clinic 

Discover the perfect fit for your smile at Kevin Manners Denture Clinic.  

With a wide range of denture materials to suit every need, from durable porcelain to flexible Valplast, we’re committed to providing the best false teeth tailored just for you.  

Book your consultation today and let us help you regain confidence in your smile!