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Everything you need to know about denture repairs

Dentures are incredibly durable, however they may require maintenance or occasional repairs in order to maintain their quality, functionality, and aesthetics. Different levels of care and maintenance may be required throughout the life of your dentures depending on damage or issues relating to comfort or function.

How much do denture repairs cost?

Denture repair prices start from £30 and include:

  • Replacing chipped, broken, or missing teeth
  • Adding teeth to existing dentures
  • Broken & cracked dentures repaired
  • Dentures strengthened
  • Stain removal

How long does it take to repair broken dentures?

At Kevin Manners we offer a fast and reliable high-quality denture repair service. We understand that fast denture repairs are important to many of our customers, and that a smile is the key to confidence for so many people.
If we can help you out of a bad situation and get your denture back as good as new, any time of day then that’s exactly what we want to do. As such, we provide a 24 hour denture repair service for those emergency situations over a bank holiday or the night before a special event.

Do I need a denture repair right away?

There are some occasions when you may be able to wait for an appointment or use a denture repair kit to temporarily fix your dentures until you can visit a professional. These occasions include:

  • Broken Dentures
  • Tooth breaking or detaching from the dentures
  • Change in denture fit
  • Gum irritation
  • Aesthetic concerns

Find out more about each of these occasions, including how to recognise them and temporary fixes.

Can you repair dentures at home?

If your dentures get damaged, you may be able to use a denture repair kit to temporarily fix your dentures until you are able to visit a professional. Denture repairs done at home should only be a temporary measure as broken dentures may be a sign that your dentures are no longer suitable for your mouth so a denture consultation should be carried out as soon as possible.

DO NOT use homemade denture repair kits or hacks from the internet that use household materials. These can cause serious damage to your mouth and dentures in the long term. You should only ever follow advice from your dentist or dental technician.

Do you need emergency denture repairs?

Depending on why you need a denture repair you may need to seek an emergency appointment so that you can continue to use your dentures as soon as possible. There are several times when you need emergency repairs, these include:

  • If your dentures break while in use
  • If dentures completely fracture
  • If a tooth breaks or detaches from the denture
  • If your denture repair kit isn’t safe for dental work

If you’re unsure whether you need an emergency repair or whether you can wait for a regular appointment, please do not hesitate to call our emergency line on 07801 854177. We will happily advise you on the best next step.

How can you extend the life of your dentures?

One of the first steps in extending the life of your dentures is ensuring you choose the right set of dentures. The best dentures for you will depend on your circumstances, including your budget and your preferred material.

Following some simple steps can help you extend the life of your dentures:

  • Clean your dentures daily
  • Handle with care
  • Keep your mouth clean
  • Visit your denturist regularly for maintenance

It’s important to take action to prevent problems with your dentures. Regular denture check-ups and at home maintenance can help prevent any small issues from becoming bigger and will extend the life of your dentures.

If you think you need a denture repair, contact us by calling 0115 941 7052 for an informal chat, or come to see us at any one of our denture clinics in Nottingham, Newark and Mansfield for a free denture consultation to assess your options and decide where to go next.