Common denture problems (and how to fix them)


Issues eating

Eating with dentures takes practice. It can be hard to get used to eating when dentures are first fitted. Biting or chewing can result in dentures slipping out of position and certain types of food can get stuck under the dentures causing discomfort.

Sticking to foods that are easy to eat when dentures are new can help with this problem. Soft foods and small pieces can make chewing easier. Chewing equally on both sides of the mouth can reduce the risk of loose, unstable dentures. All these activities can help with confidence when eating with dentures.

Issues speaking

New dentures can cause issues with speech. It can take time for the wearer to learn how to move their tongue around the dentures and form the correct sounds for easy speech. In time speaking with dentures becomes easy.

Practising speaking in private can help with the initial issues with speech. Reading allowed from books you know well, talking to yourself and singing to well known songs can help the wearer get used to word formation.

Mouth infection

Mouth infections can be common in denture wearers. These can be caused by ill-fitting dentures or cleanliness issues and can cause a range of infections, however two are most common: Cheilitis and Stomatitis.

Cheilitis is a painful infection caused by yeast overgrowth in moist areas of the mouth due to ill-fitting dentures. This infection can cause painful inflammation and cracking in the corners of the mouth. Ways to prevent cheilitis include regular visits to the dentists to ensure the fit of your dentures is correct and avoiding touching or rubbing the effected areas, such as the corner of the mouth.

Stomatitis is an infection that usually presents along the upper denture. This infection is also caused by an excess of yeast. The symptoms of denture induced stomatitis are not always obvious. They may include small red bumps on the roof of the mouth or a general redness, especially below the upper dentures. This infection can be caused by unclean dentures, diabetes, antibiotics or steroids. Propper denture care and medication can treat Stomatitis.

Cleaning issues

Cleaning dentures is different to cleaning real teeth, this can take time to get used too. It can be easy to not clean the dentures often enough, thoroughly enough, or with the right cleaners. These problems can all be easily avoided.

Daily brushing with a non-abrasive cleaner- such as a denture cleaner- will keep the dentures clean without causing any damage. Removable dentures need to be taken out of the mouth before cleaning. Care should be taken when cleaning the dentures as not to damage them through dropping during the cleaning process. Using a towel or water to line the sink can protect against any accidental damage.

Dentures not sitting right in the mouth

Whether dentures are new or have been worn for several years, dentures not fitting securely in the mouth is a common problem. In new denture wearers eating improperly, using the wrong adhesive or ill-fitting dentures can cause the dentures to not sit right in the mouth.

Experimenting with adhesives for minor slippage can help with this issue. Ask a professional for recommendations on specific adhesives. If the slipping is frequent, consulting a professional can provide you with a better insight into the solution. At Kevin Manners Denture Clinics we are always here to offer you support and advice on your dentures. We recommend that you come to see us at any one of our denture clinics in Nottingham, Newark and Mansfield for a free denture consultation to assess your options and decide where to go next.

Top 7 ways to treat most denture issues

  1. Make sure your dentures fit
  2. Be patient- when you first get your dentures things can be difficult, but they will get easier
  3. Eat soft foods
  4. Use an adhesive
  5. Clean your dentures daily
  6. Clean your mouth daily
  7. Store removable dentures properly

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