Gum colour matching & contouring for denture wearers


Making your dentures look as natural as possible is very important to us here at Kevin Manners Denture Clinics.  This is why we offer bespoke denture services such as gum characterisation and gum colour matching.

Gum Colour Matching

When it comes to the natural colouring of dentures we take special effort to match the colour of your gums to your natural oral skin pigments.

On the surface at least, it may be hard to see the benefits of having such a feature.  However, here are just a few advantages of gum colour matching for denture wearers.

Natural looking gums

  • Smiling – if you were to smile with your own teeth you should be able to see part of the gum.  This is no different when wearing dentures. Therefore, by adding these natural colours it ensures that those around you have no reason to believe that you are a denture wearer. Giving you the confidence to smile as wide as you please!
  • Laughing – similar to above – except a lot more exaggerated. When we laugh – some people more than others – expose a large amount of gum work.  By having a denture that looks like natural gums you will be filled with confidence.
  • Speech – certain words provoke certain facial movements, which expose gum work. As stated above, by having natural looking gums, it gives you the confidence that people will not be able to tell that you are a denture wearer.

What does “gum characterisation” mean?

Gum characterisation is the highly skilled technique of using specially produced material to add natural features and elements to the otherwise plain denture base (plastic) ensuring that your dentures look natural at any given moment.

Our dentures are designed so specifically and uniquely that it is often hard or impossible to tell the difference between the designed plastic and a person’s natural gums.


Contouring may better be described as “shapes and carvings that mimic the natural shapes found in the mouth” as opposed to just a smooth pink surface. This feature helps to significantly compliment the colour of your gums.

Having both of these features can make it almost impossible for people to tell that you are a denture wearer.

On a more practical note when contouring dentures we add elements to the roof of the denture, which mimic a natural palate. Not only making the denture look natural but also feel natural.

In addition to this – contouring also helps when chewing food as it forms a bolus (therefore aiding digestion).

Gum colour matching and contouring options are offered to all our patients.  However, if you have any queries beforehand, contact us on 0115 941 7052 to discuss things further or to arrange an appointment with Kevin.

Appointments available at our denture clinics in Nottingham, Newark, Mansfield and Mapperley or in Radcliffe on Trent.

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