What are the best ways to keep dentures clean?


Cleaning dentures is different than cleaning real teeth. It can be easy to clean dentures incorrectly or not regularly enough. These are problems that all denture wearers face, however they are easily avoidable. This article discusses the best ways to keep your dentures clean, as well as common problems with cleanliness faced by denture wearers.

Why is it important to keep your dentures clean?

Regularly cleaning your dentures ensures they remain free from bacteria, stains and maintain their original appearance for longer. Your denture cleanliness also directly effects the hygiene in your mouth. Regular denture hygiene lowers the risk of losing more teeth, developing oral infections, and inflaming gum issues.

Regular cleaning of your dentures helps to extend their life by reducing the likelihood of damage, stains, and smells.

How should you clean your dentures?

Similar to natural teeth, dentures require daily cleaning to remove food and bacteria to prevent the risks of plaque build-up and negative aesthetics, such as stains. Following the below steps will ensure you are cleaning your dentures effectively:

  • Remove the dentures

Remove your dentures as normal. Swilling your mouth with worm water can help loosen the seal between the dentures and the gum, making it easier to remove them.

  • Clean them manually

Rinse your dentures in lukewarm or cold water to remove any loose food, before brushing your dentures with a soft brush. Use a denture paste or low-abrasive toothpaste for the most effective cleaning routine.

  •  Clean your gums and rinse out your mouth

Cleaning your gums removes any residue from the sealant used and reduces the risk of gum disease and further tooth loss. Clean both where the dentures fit and along the roof of the mouth, before rinsing with either salty or warm water.

  • Soak your dentures

Soaking your dentures every day in denture cleaning solution will help remove plaque and stains that remain post cleaning. Soaking your dentures also helps disinfect them, leaving them fresher. Before putting your dentures back in in the morning rinse them thoroughly with water to remove any leftover cleaning solution.

It is important to always be careful when cleaning your dentures as they can break easily. Cleaning your dentures over a padded surface- such as a pile of towels- or over a bowl of water will help prevent them from breaking if accidentally dropped.

What should you avoid when cleaning your dentures?

  • Abrasive cleaning products, such as whitening or abrasive toothpastes, and hard toothbrushes
  • Bleaching products, as these can weaken the dentures and change their colouring
  • Hot water, as it can warp the shape of the dentures

Even when following these steps, it is important to maintain regular visits to your denture clinics to ensure your dentures remain clean and free from bacteria and plaque build-up. At Kevin Manners Denture Clinics, we pride ourselves on achieving optimum results for patients with regards to denture cosmetics, comfort, fit and function. You can book a denture check-up with our Clinical Dental Technician here for a time that suits you.

If you’re having problems with your existing dentures or if you’re starting to experience tooth loss, book a free consultation with us for an oral examination and to discuss your options.

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