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It can be hard to get used to eating with dentures when they are first fitted. The motion of eating can cause dentures to move out of position and food can get stuck in the dentures, causing discomfort. When learning how to speak with dentures the top tip is practice.

Practice speaking in private

Practising speaking in private can help you speak with dentures during the initial period after getting them fitted. Reading allowed from books you know well, singing your favourite songs, or speaking to yourself can help you get used to talking with dentures. Using songs and books you know well will help you when practicing word formation.

Using a mirror when practicing can help make practicing word formation easier by enabling you to physically see the shapes your mouth is making when you talk.

Talk to your partner and friends

Having conversations with people that know you well can help you when getting used too talking with your dentures. As these people know you well, they will be able to understand more of what you say, providing you with a confidence boost while you begin to get used to wearing your dentures.

Talking to significant people in your life increases the regularity of your practice, speeding up the process of getting used to talking in dentures.

Use your tongue

Your tongue plays a key role when making the right sounds for talking and correct pronunciation. Dentures occupy a different space in the mouth to natural teeth and therefore can feel different on the tongue. By moving your tongue around your dentures, you can practice forming the correct sounds required for easy speech.

Position your dentures correctly

Using a denture adhesive can help secure your dentures, preventing them from moving and making it easier to speak clearly. Similarly, biting down on your dentures and swallowing before you speak will also help to place the dentures in the right position, helping with clear speech.

Speaking slowly can help to keep your dentures in place. Talking quickly can cause your dentures to make clicking sounds. This is very common, however can be limited by talking slowly. Slipping dentures is a normal issue however the use of denture adhesive should help prevent this. If this problem becomes more frequent, visit your denturist or book a free consultation at Kevin Manners Denture Clinic for an oral examination and to discuss your options.

Issues around speaking with dentures are only temporary. Breaking in dentures is usually a very fast process and it should only take a few days before you are able to talk clearly and without any issues.

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If you’re having problems with your existing dentures or you’re starting to experience tooth loss, book a free consultation with us for an oral examination and to discuss your options.

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