Effects of smoking on oral health for denture wearers


By now, I’m sure we’re all well aware that smoking isn’t good for our health.  But what exactly does it do to our oral health? Why is smoking so bad and what can it lead to? In this blog article we take a look at the effects of smoking on oral health for denture wearers (and people with dental implants).

Over fifty years ago, when people weren’t so aware about the risks and health issues associated with smoking, a report was released by the Surgeon General’s Advisory Committee about the effects of smoking and the connection between cigarettes and lung cancer.  This was the first in a series that is now generally referred to as the Surgeon General’s reports. Back in 1964 this was an important piece of research and since then the reports have been updated to include newer findings such as links to mouth cancer, gum disease and tooth decay.

Smoking cigarettes and the use of other tobacco products can cause negative effects to the attachment of soft tissues and bone to the teeth and impacts the function of the oral cells and tissues.

Due to these findings, a strong link has now been established between smoking and gum disease. Reports have also established connections between socioeconomic conditions, smoking and an increased risk of decay, cavities and other oral health defects/concerns.

With the above in mind here are some good reasons to stop smoking if you’re a denture wearer or have dental implants

  • Dental implant failure increases if you’re a smoker. Findings have shown the  importance of quitting smoking if you’re considering having dental implants
  • Smokers are at greater risk of infection when having dental implants fitted than non-smokers
  • Smoking is not good for any type of surgery, including have dental implants fitted
  • Healing time after surgery is increased in smokers. Nicotine constricts your arteries, reducing the blood flow to your gums
  • Along with the usual amount of bone loss that comes with losing your teeth – bone loss is further accelerated in smokers. This causes your face to shrink, further adding to the harmful side effects of smoking.

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There are many lifestyle and health choices that can be harmful to your oral health and this is the case for both adults and children. These factors should always be considered and thought about. If you can avoid doing certain things that will have a negative impact on your oral health then you should always do so.

Second hand smoke causes more harm than we may have first thought.  Another good reason to consider stopping smoking is because it not only affects smokers themselves.

Most of us know that passive smoking is dangerous to everyone, children included, and can lead to respiratory problems and other health complications. But did you also know that it can cause the formation of cavities in children’s teeth?

We hope that this information has made the harmful effects of smoking clearer to you and has shed some light on how serious these issues can be. You may not always be able to see or feel the damage you’re causing to your oral health by smoking in the early stages but they cannot be avoided.

Tips for the care and cleaning of your dentures

We would always advise you to stop smoking for a healthier mouth and gums but it also helps to have a daily cleaning routine if you wear dentures. The last thing you want is stained dentures from smoking.

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Here at Kevin Manners Denture Clinics our goal is for all of our patients to be given relevant information and support on how to reduce the amount that they smoke (or to quit entirely).

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Additional Resources:

If you are currently a smoker but want advice on how to stop, we recommend visiting: https://www.nhs.uk/smokefree/help-and-advice/support

For good oral education advice visit Tobacco-Free Life who have put together many comprehensive guides and tools with the help of tobacco control professionals and smoking cessation experts.


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