What does a clinical dental technician do?


At Kevin Manners Denture Clinics, our Clinical Dental Technician (CDT) George Manners, is often the first face that many patients meet throughout their denture journey. So what does a CDT like George do?

What is a Clinical Dental Technician?

A Clinical Denture Technician does every aspect of denture treatment and can work directly with members of the public to make and fit dentures. This includes everything from taking dental impressions to making adjustments to the final dentures.

Is there a difference between a Clinical Dental Technician and a regular Dental Technician?

Regular dental technicians are not authorised to work directly with members of the public and can only provide dentures via a registered dentist – meaning they rarely meet the patient in person. A benefit of working with a Clinical Dental Technician like George Manners is that they can also give oral examinations and take impressions themselves (which would otherwise be done by a dentist) and use this first-hand experience with the patient to produce high-quality dentures for all denture wearers.

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When to see a Clinical Dental Technician?

A Clinical Dental Technician can directly treat, create and fit a complete set of new dentures to patients who have experienced total tooth loss. While you can still come for a free denture consultation beforehand, if you are looking for partial dentures as you have some of your natural teeth remaining or you have had a dental implant, you must first be seen or referred by a dentist before treatment can begin.

If you don’t have a regular dentist, or if preferred, we have our own in-house dentist who can assist you with a mouth assessment.

What can a Clinical Dental Technician do?

A Clinical Dental Technician can take on a variety of responsibilities including:

  • Taking impressions of the mouth
  • Developing treatment plans
  • Producing dentures
  • Adjusting denture fit
  • Repairing dentures
  • Advising on oral hygiene and oral conditions
  • Conducting patient assessment

What to expect during your first visit with a Clinical Dental Technician at Kevin Manners Denture Clinics?

During your free consultation, our CDT George will undertake a detailed evaluation of your dental situation, enabling us to create a personalised treatment plan just for you.

This visit may include:

  • Taking details about your dental and medical history
  • Full clinical assessment and oral examination of current oral health, including natural tooth loss
  • Advice on helping you achieve optimum oral health

We will then run through the different types of dentures available and procedures involved, along with costs so you can make an informed choice about the treatment you receive.

Find out more about the free denture consultation with our Clinical Dental Technician or book your appointment now.

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