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Should you get suction dentures or implant dentures?

Both suction dentures and implant dentures are regarded as the most secure type of denture so they are a popular choice for those looking for a durable and reliable denture. But there are significant differences in how these dentures are made, how they attach to your mouth, and who they are suitable for – so make sure you are fully informed about which option is best for your needs and lifestyle.

Suction dentures

What are suction dentures?

Suction dentures look like any other type of denture from the outside and provide a highly-secure fit when a vacuum is created between the denture and the gum.

Pros and cons of suction dentures


  • Suction dentures use the most advanced denture technology
  • No surgery or invasive procedure required
  • More likely to be compatible than implant dentures
  • Cheaper alternative to implant dentures
  • Dentures are removable
  • Highly comfortable and secure fit


  • Suction dentures are one of the most expensive types of removable denture
  • Suction dentures will need replacing periodically
  • You may struggle to speak or eat while you get used to your dentures

Suction Denture FAQ’s

What do suction dentures cost?

Suction dentures are currently included within our £3600 price range (for both upper and lower) and £1999 for a single denture.

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Who can have suction dentures?

A careful clinical assessment is required to assess your suitability for suction dentures. About 85% of patients possess the anatomical features required for successful results.

Implant dentures

What are implant dentures?

Implant dentures (aka Implant retained dentures or denture implants) are dentures that are supported by titanium metal rods attached to the jaw bone. These implants are permanent and can be used to support full, partial and single tooth dentures.

Pros and cons of implant dentures


  • Implant dentures make eating easier and more comfortable for the patient
  • They are more long-lasting and robust than removable dentures
  • Implant dentures have fuss-free maintenance, with no need to visit the dentist for cleaning
  • They support facial features, providing a more natural, youthful look and making talking more comfortable
  • They fit better than removable dentures, providing more comfort
  • Customisation can help implant dentures fit the mouth more precisely


  • The treatment process is more costly than other denture types
  • Getting implant dentures is a long and time-consuming procedure
  • Implant procedures aren’t suitable for all patients
  • The surgery and healing time are longer for implant dentures

Implant Denture FAQ’s

Can implant dentures be taken out?

The titanium implants themselves are permanent, however the dentures that attach to them can be removed for cleaning as with any other denture.

How much do implant dentures cost?

The cost of implant dentures will vary depending on your preferred implant solution and how many teeth you are replacing. While implant dentures are one of the most secure types of denture, the complexity and work needed means that these can be significantly more expensive than other denture types.

How long do implant dentures last?

Implant dentures are permanent attachments to your jawbone and as such last a lifetime.

Can anyone have implant dentures?

Unfortunately not. It is always necessary to visit a dentist if you are considering the option of implant retained dentures as certain aspects must be assessed before we know whether or not you are a suitable candidate for dental implants. Your oral health and density of the jawbone will be taken into consideration when looking at implant dentures.

Which dentures are best for you?

For a secure fit: Implant dentures

Since implant dentures are secured by titanium screws placed into the jaw bone, these are considered to be slightly more secure than suction dentures.
However, they are not the best denture for everyone. You must consult a dentist who will assess your oral health and the density of your jawbone before confirming if you are suitable for dental implants.

Most compatible: Suction dentures

Suction dentures are the best type of dentures for those who want a secure and comfortable fit but who are not suitable for implant retained dentures. If the density of your jawbone is not right, you will be unable to get implant dentures whereas 85% of patients tend to succeed with suction dentures.
Suction dentures are also a good alternative for patients who want to avoid the implant denture treatment process (involving surgery and longer healing times) as associated costs.

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