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7 Questions to ask before getting dentures

When getting dentures for the first time you may have several questions you want to ask your Dental Technician. We hope this article will answer some of the questions you have and help you understand the benefits of dentures to both your health and quality of life.

1. How long does it take to get comfortable with dentures?

Getting dentures can be a big change that can take a while to get used too. Initially, dentures can cause some discomfort for the wearer, however there are ways to make dentures more comfortable:

  1. Set yourself realistic expectations
  2. Use a denture adhesive
  3. Handle your dentures with care
  4. Take your dentures out while you sleep
  5. Clean your dentures regularly
  6. Consider what you are eating
  7. See your denturist if you are having trouble with denture comfort

Find out more about how to make your dentures more comfortable.

2. How much do dentures cost?

The complete price of your dentures varies depending on your denture type and the process needed for completing your dentures. Your denture technician should provide you with a full description and written explanation during your denture consultation.

Find out more about our denture options and how much we charge for each

3. What should you expect during the denture process?

Your consultation structure will vary depending on the clinic, however at Kevin Manners Denture Clinic we provide four to five consultations before fitting your dentures:

  1. Initial consultation
  2. Extraction- if necessary
  3. Take impressions of the upper and lower jaw
  4. Occlusive registration
  5. View the wax trial dentures in the mouth and complete final alterations
  6. Fitting the dentures or repeating appointment four if necessary
  7. Aftercare

Find out more about any of these consultation stages.

If you are still unsure what to expect next, read our top tips when preparing for dentures- from a Clinical Dental Technician.

4. How should you store your dentures?

Ensuring your dentures are stored correctly is highly important as this helps prevent damage and can help extend the life of your dentures. You should keep your dentures in a container filled with liquid, such as water or denture cleaning solution when they are out of your mouth. This is because dentures can lose their shape and go brittle if not kept moist.

Storing your dentures correctly extends their life and prevents the risk of damage and excess bacteria build-up. Follow these simple do’s and don’ts for storing your dentures correctly.

5. Is it hard to talk after getting dentures

It can be hard to get used to speaking with dentures when they are first fitted. However, with practice, this difficulty goes away. Some sounds may be difficult to pronounce initially while getting used to wearing the dentures and the dentures shifting in the mouth may cause a clicking sound, however these issues both go away shortly after first getting the dentures.

6. Do dentures age your face?

It is a common misconception that dentures age your face. In fact, dentures can make an individual look younger by supporting the bone structure of the face and helping the wearer to regain muscle tone around the face and neck. Although the primary function of dentures is not for aesthetics, they can provide several benefits in helping the wearer look younger.

At Kevin Manners Denture Clinics we pride ourselves on achieving optimum results for patients with regards to denture cosmetics, comfort, fit and function. Find out more about how dentures can make you look younger.

7. Do dentures improve your health?

Dentures are recommended to patients wanting to replace damaged or missing teeth. Dentures not only restore function and aesthetics but also provide a range of health benefits in relation to oral health and facial structure, amongst other areas:

  1. Protect your oral bone structure
  2. Support your facial muscles
  3. Prevent wear on existing teeth
  4. Reduce further oral health issues
  5. Require no dietary restrictions

It’s important to take action to prevent oral health problems. Find out more about the health benefits of wearing dentures.

Dentures make it easy to restore your aesthetic and the normal function of your smile so you can feel confident again and live your life as before.

If you think you need new dentures, contact us by calling 0115 941 7052 for an informal chat, or come to see us at any one of our denture clinics in Nottingham, Newark and Mansfield for a free denture consultation to assess your options and decide where to go next.

Request your first, no-obligation denture consultation at Kevin Manners Denture Clinics and we will undertake a detailed evaluation, enabling us to create a treatment plan just for you.