Teeth Whitening

A fast and affordable way to a brighter smile in Nottingham

Professional whitening at our Nottingham dental practice is a highly effective way of lightening the natural colour of your teeth. There are many reasons why people may get their teeth whitened as actually very few people do have brilliant white teeth. Through smoking and every day eating and drinks such as red wine, blackcurrant, tea & coffee, you may find that your teeth have become stained on the surface and as we get older our teeth do become more discoloured.

Tooth Whitening - what does it involve?

The most common form of tooth whitening is professional bleaching and our dentist will be able to advise you if you are suitable for the treatment. This involves putting a rubber or gel shield on your gums for projection when applying the whitening product to the teeth by using a specially made tray, which fits into your mouth like a gum shield. This treatment usually takes between three to four weeks.

There are now other teeth whitening products available which can give you results within a week, such as laser whitening and powder whitening. However, this tends to be more expensive than bleaching.

See the 'Frequently Asked Questions' for more information about tooth whitening.

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